Vocal & Guitar: Yukako

Guitar: Tadamitsu


Drum: Katsuki



Daisy*glitteR is a Japanese Band from Tokyo, formed at around autumn 2013, their first Live Performance at MARZ in Shinjuku was on December 30th, 2013.

Bass SEIICHI also works with another Bands called "Zi:kill" and "CRAZE" before and now he is working with another Band called "vez". Tadamitsu and Katsuki also got a lot of experiences in some other Bands too. 

The Bandname Daisy*glitteR means that they will shine like glitter, on Live Shows Yukako also play her Guitar which has Glitter on it. She also use that word "glitteR" for her Band, because their dream is to spread their music around the world.





2015.10.14 - Affectation

You can listen one Song, the Name of the Song is: "With You", at Daisy*glitteR their Website. 


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Author: Morizu


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