Daisy*glitteR, about European Fans, future plans and dreams.

Daisy*glitteR, a Japanese Grunge Band from Tokyo, formed at around autumn 2013. In Europe Daisy*glitteR seems unknown, but now we got the chance for an E-Mail Interview with Daisy*glitteR's female vocalist Yukako and we're very thankful to Yukako for taking the time to answer to our Questions. You're also able to know Daisy*glitteR a little better soon. 




At first please Introduce yourself for Visual Nihongo Ongaku readers.


Yukako: I'm Yukako, the vocal and guitar part of Daisy*glitteR. I feel so honored to get this wonderful chance to be introduced to Europe by you all. I really thank you very much.


You'll have a Live - Performance at Ma-Rock in Shinjuku, how is your feeling?


Yukako: Actually our first Live Performance was at "MARZ" in Shinjuku. It was very nervous for me since I hadn't have such a situation before. But starting our Live Performance, it was very fun. And it is a good memory for me. 


What did you think about your European Fans?


Yukako: We feel very thankful for our European Fans. Hope guys like and enjoy our music in spite of the difference of country, language and culture.


Could you tell us something about Daisy*glitteR's future plans?


Yukako: We want to perform in front of many people and also wanna perform at big music festivals. If we could, we wanna go abrouad to perform our music. Speaking about our future plans, we want release our CDs and we will perform more in 2015 than in 2014.


Where did you get your ideas before you write all your lyrics?


Yukako: I can't say it categorically. I get my ideas when I feel something a lot. Suddenly I text it to my cellphone, not to forget the feeling or word.


How much work is needed for Daisy*glitteR song before it's released?


Yukako: It's like lyrics. Suddenly I got the melody or image of songs. So it can't be said categorically. Some songs were released early, the other songs needing time. 


What is your biggest dream?


Yukako: I want to perform at the biggest live house in Japan.


What means music to you?


Yukako: It means "equal to my life!"


In which countries would you like to go on tour?


Yukako: I want to go to Germany, to the United States and to United Kingdom. 



All credits goes to Daisy*glitteR and their Member. 


Daisy*glitteR Official Home Page: http://www.daisyglitter.com/

Daisy*glitteR Official Fb Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DaisyglitteR/740793555962055?fref=ts

Daisy*glitteR Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/daisy_glitter


Daisy*glitteR Bandprofile: http://visual-nihongo-ongaku.jimdo.com/bandprofile/daisy-glitter/


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