A Band from Japan, which announced their New Single release for "SENSE OF CRISIS", gave us the chance for a Mail-Interview. And a lot of more good News. LOKA also gave us a view "behind the scene", they told us their future plans and how LOKA did changing.

Thanks to Kihiro, who answered all our questions.





1. Hello LOKA. Another year is over. What are your plans for 2017 ?

Kihiro: We got lots of things going on this year. Other than our upcoming Single, we are working on our new Album, booking all over the world for a World-Tour. Also we are starting this video program on web. It's like a variety Show where the Band Member talk and try funny things related and unrelated to music. We will eventually have other artist guests, so that should be fun. It's only in Japanese but we hope our foreign Fans will enjoy watching it. 


2. LOKA were working on a New Single "SENSE OF CRISIS" which will be released on January 20th,. Is this Single different to LOKA's past work?

Kihiro: We believe this Song describes the LOKA style of today. Along our way we tried many different styles and put in different elements to our songs. After all that we think we finally came to our point to say "THIS IS OUR STYLE". "SENSE OF CRISIS" is like the beginning of that, the song was actually created last winter and we took good time on it until this release.


3. What means "SENSE OF CRISIS" directly to you?

Kihiro: Directly it would mean "always be aware". We originally wrote this Song for a SNOWBOARD Event called PARK AIR in Sapporo. I love X-Sports and those kind of sports you always need to be aware of what you do cause one mistake can lead to death. There is something close about that in life, cause it can relate to work, love, friendship... being in a Band as well. We live this far doing many things, we continue to work on somethings not giving up. So you need the "SENSE OF CRISIS" to protect and not to lose the things you have achieved now.


4. LOKA mentioned a World-Tour so far, even the dates aren't decided yet, which cities would you visit?

Kihiro: Yeah World-Tour 2017!, we are on it. We will definitely go to cities we went before in Europe, so we do need our Fans Support on various SNS to get the hype up. We are challenging for South America, USA and also some countries in Asia. This year we are ready not to go home lol. So make that noise for us!


5. After your last Tour in Europe, how much LOKA were going throug changes? Is there something different as before?

Kihiro: Well most of all our Member changed, so KEN'NICHI and I, the original 2 guys that created LOKA are here. So ultimately we would say the Band is evolving. MIRO our new Bass player is fantastic, his technique will just amaze you and now the drum & bass groove is high class. What's different is that since the technique level graded up, LOKA can play anything now. There are no limits which spreads the musical possibility infinite. We don't have a guitarist now, but we got many great friends, many famous friends that are willing to help us on stage and recording. So we are not facing any difficulties towards moving on the Band.


6. Lets have a look behind the scenes. How much work LOKA need to create a Song?

Kihiro: Hmmm, it depends really. Bus usually it takes us 3 months to create 3 - 4 Songs and 6 months to create an Album. LOKA actually has a Member in the Shadows hehehehe.... This info maybe no other Interviews came across. There are 2 Members who don't get on stage nor they appear on pictures or SNS, but are actually working as LOKA. Kota Muraishi and Sakae Inokuma, these two guys are the LOKA song writing arrangement Team. Basically I write all the melodies, or KEN'ICHI and MIRO will write a Song, then this two will arrange the song towards what the Band is looking for, then KEN'NICHI and MIRO will arrange it again. Sometimes, the two will write the music then I will add the melodies, either way but these two guys are amazingly talented. Their name isn't out there yet, but LOKA hopes and works to help them get it out there. They have a great relationship and when the Band is out there touring and touring and touring there ass off. These two guys are the ones sitting in the house working and working out the new music. The world moves fast now, because of the internet and SNS rage. So we believe this is the new style and best way for the Band to keep moving on and on~ time with the world.


7. How LOKA catching all inspirations for all the lyrics? And how you complete it until it's recorded?

Kihiro: I write all the lyrics for LOKA. I catsch all my inspirations from daily life mostly by communicating with friends. Since I believe that what I communicate right now is the real and true thing I want to tell the world. I also catch it from Anime, Manga and Movies, because there are a lot of good phrases and stories there, and when those synchronize with my art and music I starting to write. Lately the Band has been offered to write a  Song on a particular theme. Such as "SENSE OF CRISIS" for a Snowboard event, movies, games, dramas etc. It's actually enjoying to write based on a theme and kind of easier than writing from scratch lol.


8. Kihiro, you wrote "LET IT DIE" for the PS4 Game by GUNHO. How does it come?

Kihiro: We were offered by one of the game agency here in Japan. I knew they were offering and I actually helped the Band TOTALFAT, write their lyrics lol. So when they came to us I was like "Oh, Okay I get to write it my way now." lol. As i wrote above, it was based on a theme so we wrote the song fast. I used many phrases related to the Game story so that's one thing I want people to listen to.


9. What is LOKA's goal for the future?

Kihiro: The most important thing for the Band is to keep being a Band. It's not forever. I don't know if I could be 60 years old and still keep screaming on stage lol. But until that day, we wanna keep writing, keep touring and keep creating something that will entertain and deliver a message to our Fans. Yes we want to play big festivals and be ranked in Billboards, ORICON and etc., but I guess looking at the world today, I guess the most important thing for the Band is to exist and always create a place where our Fans can get back to. we want to create a one big WORLD Family ; )


10. At least we're thankful for taking the time to answer all our questions. Has LOKA also a message to all their WORLD-WIDE fans?

Kihiro: Like I said, we want to create an atmosphere where all the Fans can relate, make new Friends and be a place where everyone can come back to. It's not just about the music, because we believe our Fans are a part of "LOKA" too. LOKA means the "WORLD", we want to create our ouwn fantastic world with our Fans. So if you're reading this, hope you become one of our LOKA too. See you soon!



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