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Magistina Saga a Visual Kei Band from Japan, currently playing in Starwave Records, had a Live Performance at MFVF in Belgium on October 19th, 2014. We got the chance to E-Mail Interview. Regarding credits goes to Gloria from Too Wild, Agnes Van De Genachte from Too Wild for translation and regarding credits also goes to Starwave Records.

At first please introduce yourself for Visual Nihongo Ongaku readers.

Iori: I'm Iori and I'm the vocalist. My favorite animal is a cat and I like Games!

Urugi: I'm Urugi and I'm Magistina Saga's guitarist.

Kyo: I'm Kyo and I'm the bassist.

You had a Live-Performance at MFVF in Belgium, how do you feel?

Iori: It's the biggest stage that we have performed on until now and it was a wonderful experience. I'm very glad that we were able to participate in festivals from all over the world.

Urugi: I think it has become one big status. It's an honour that we were able to perform here.

Kyo: I'm grateful that we could perform here and the performance itself was wonderful!

What did you think about your European Fans?

Iori: MFVF was our first European Performance and all the fans were so kind and wonderful.

Urugi: They were all very warm and I want them to keep supporting us from now on.

Kyo: I found that there were so many faces of people enjoying themself, showing their happiness.

Could you tell us something about your New Album "CREAITH ANTHEM"?

Iori: The theme of "Creaith Anthem" is change and challenge. Until now, Magistina Saga's merit and view on the world hasn't changed. The new component that we didn't have until now, makes Magistina Sagas's music and world wider. I love all the tunes, but the one that interests me the most, is Deep Affections, because the theme of the tune is the nursey-rhyme Marina.

Urugi: The concept of this sound source has become a concept that we all sing in praise of. In truth, it would be okay of we didn't sing it, but it has become something that is expectedto be sung and this tune's view on the world can be seen with original eyes, the tune's view of the world is something we want to feel.

Kyo: The rich variety in tunes makes this a complete Album. It's an Album that has some speed and is yet comfortable, so that you can enjoy listening to it.

Where did you get your ideas before you write all your lyrics?

Iori: It's often right before I go to sleep and turn of the lights that the phrases suddenly come to me.

Urugi: A short time is about 1-2 months, a long time is about 6 months, the ideas come to me on the toilet.

Kyo: In the bathroom, when disappearing with my bike, when I have speed is often when the images come to me.

How much work is needed for Magistina Saga song before it's released?

Urugi: First we make a demo where everyone can insert their sound source and we check if it's okay. After that, we record. Then we manufacture the master sound.

Iori: In the songs that Urugi makes, I take care of lyrics. After deciding the theme of the lyrics and the arrangement, we continue smoothly, but it takes a long time until we decide on something.

Kyo: My part is for the demo stage, in which the tune and the lyrics are being finished. Then Urugi sees for the song and Iori for the lyrics if any corrections are needed. If so, we have them changed if needed and then we have the recording done.

How did you meet each other and got the idea to make music?

Urugi: Bassist Kyo and I went to the same middle school. That bond is what has lasted until now.

Kyo: What Urugi said.

Iori: When I went to a school to specialize in music, I met Urugi. This was my first encounter with him and the view of those two at the time was what made us form the band.

What is your biggest dream?

Iori: To have many more people, both in Japan as abroad, know about Magistina Saga, to have more people listen to Magistina saga's songs. And I want them to like Magistina saga's songs!

Urugi: I want more and more people to listen to Magistina Saga's songs. An I want us to be used for the opening and ending for anime series.

Kyo: My home is Osaka and I want to perform is Osaka Hall one day. We've only been to Canada and belgium twice, but I want to do more world tours.

What means music to you?

Iori: Fun and happy times are feelings that I want to send out, but I also want to support sad and hard times. For me, it's about giving a very familiar surrounding or location.

Urugi: Love and peace! Listening to music stimulates the five senses and leaving room for feelings.

Kyo: It's the best thing in life, isn't it? If there was no music, we wouldn't be able to enjoy games and anime.

In which countries would you like to go on tour?

Iori: In Europe we've only performed in Belgium, so I would like to go to Germany, France, Spain and another European countries as well.

Urugi: I want to go to the other European countries as well. But I also want to go to Brasil and Egypt.

Kyo: I'd like to go to Spain and France, but if we can perform in other overseas countries, I would like to go anywhere.

We're thankful to Too Wild who gave us the chance for this Interviewand we are thankful to Magistina Saga for taking the time to answer to our questions.

Iori: We're also happy to have received to request for the interview !

Do you have a message for our readers and your fans?

Iori: To the people who knew Magistina Saga before reading this interview, and to the people who got to know Magistina Saga by this interview; it makes us happy that you listen to Magistina Saga's songs! When we have decided to perform in Germany, please come! Thank you for reading until the end !

Urugi: Thank you for always supporting us! It's because of everyone's encouragement and support that we can make this good music, so let's show this to the world! To everyone that became interested in Magistina saga because of reading this; Magistina Saga makes really good music, so do some reseach and please like us more and more, okay?

Kyo: Thank you for reading until the end. To those who already knew us, and those who didn't knew us, please love Magistina saga!

We are very grateful to Magistina Saga for answering the questions. We are thankful to Gloria (Too Wild) who gave us the chance, we're thankful to Agnes Van De Genachte (Too Wild) for the translation and we're also thankful to Starwave Records.

Picture credits goes to Starwave Records and Magistina Saga.

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