We had the Chance to get an Interview together with SAGA, an Asian Trio from Japan, China and Korea. What does SAGA mean exactly? What are their next plans? What was their inspiration for their new MV "TOGETHER"?

You are able to find out by reading this Interview.


1. Before we start with the Interview, can you please introduce yourself to the Readers of our Web Magazine "Visual Nihongo Ongaku"!


SAGA: Hi Everyone! SAGA is the world 1st Japan - Korea - China united Music group under the theme of "No Border"!

Saga consists female vocalist Ramy from Korea, male vocalist Kevin from China and Rio from Japan as Producer and DJ. Our Music is based on EDM mixed with Asian Music. Our Messages for peace and unity of the world.


2. What is the meaning of SAGA? Is there a Special meaning for the band Name?


SAGA: Saga in english is journey, in Japanese means "Human Instinct". Though SAGA's journey to the world to unite people with music. We want to reveal what we human really are and what we are here for.


3. How did you met and decided to found SAGA?


SAGA: Rio and Kevin are met in Beijing, we find Ramy on Facebook.


4. Which experiences have you done during your European Tour?


SAGA: We are very pleased to see a lot of people like and Support SAGA.


5. How do you create a Song, before it is presented?


SAGA: Any place, any time. If I have the inspiration, I will record some, then go to Studio.


6. Which of your Songs is your favorite song?


SAGA: "Together". Now there are three language Versions, also an Music Video.


7. You all came from three different countries with three different cultures. Is the rehearsal and recording  in the Studio more complicated?


SAGA: Yes this is the most interesting part of our group. Kevin and Rio communicate with chinese, Ramy and Rio communicate with japanese, Kevin and Ramy communicate with English. English is the most common language if we all 3 want to communicate at once.


8. What do you want to reach with SAGA in the near future? What are your next plans?


SAGA: SAGA want to have the EDM music Festival in the near future. Next plans is work for the next Album.


9. What is your most inspiration, before you create a song?


SAGA: In many places, for example, from SAGA's trip, from the book, fom life... etc.


10. You've done a fan Video Project for your new MV of the Song "Together". What was your inspiration for this?


SAGA: Because we want to use Video to explain the "NO BORDER".


11. What is your biggest wish for the future?


SAGA: My wishes for what I want to do is already on the way to come and I am enjoying every single step and moments so... But If I still answer this question in different way, I want to go to space and meet Aliens to talk about the world.


12. Do you have a message to your fans and our Readers? We want to say thank you for taking the time. It was a honor to get the Chance for this Interview.


SAGA: SAGA will take you guys to where we all haven't seen any time before. Please join our journey and you will be a part of new Genesis. Thank You!






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