V.I.P Official Calendar 2015

Christmas is approaching and so is a new year. We are happy to announce that V.I.P has a very special gift to his Fans that will come in handy for 2015.


A V.I.P calendar!


The calendar is created and designed by V.I.P himself and contains official and unreleased photos from his debut in Sweden 2014.


Limited pre-order

Important to know is that the quantity is very limited and there will only be one pressing. The pre-order has already started and will end as soon as on December 24th so don't wait too long before placing an order. We want you to get your calendar in time for the New Year! Unfortunately we can't guarantee any availability of the Calender after this date.

  • Pre-order ends: December 24th


Bonus for oversea customers:


If you are among the 10 first (oversea) customers, then there's an extra treat for you! V.I.P has promised to sign the 10 first calendars that go for shipping and maybe you will be the one among the lucky.


Product information:


10 cm x 14,5 cm / 16 pages



10€ + shipping from Sweden


How to order from oversea: 

Visit following url and fill out the form as described on the page: www.kingofhirorock.wix.com/v-i-p#!merch/c174n


Paying methods: 

Bank transfer or Paypal


Important notes for orders from oversea: 


  • You have 3 business-days to complete your payment
  • All the pre-orders will be shipped from Japan after December 24th, 2014. Upon arrival in Sweden, every order will be shipped individually to your adress. We ask you to please be considerate about the delivery time. We will make sure to speed the handling/shipping process as much as possible



V.I.P is the Solo works of the Japanese vocalist and composer Hiroaki Nakashima. He is since 2011 the vocalist and songwriter for the Japanese rock duo I-ai- who was on their first European Tour in January 2014. V.I.P for "Vocalist I-ai- Project".


The vision of V.I.P is to be engaged in several of activities with people all over the world, music being its main part, but not limited to it alone. Creativity set no limits.


In the same manner as I-ai-, V.I.P is organized in a partnership management together with the Swedish agency Nyanko Scandal Factory.




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