A two member Band from Tokyo Japan went to their first small European Tour. The Band is filled with vocalist Ryusuke and the guitarist Fumiya and together they're Doukoku. Both got a lot of new experiences during all their Live-Shows in Austria and Germany.

And here's our Report Review about their J-Store Event and their Live-Performance at Berlin club cube moa:beat.

Wednesday, June 3rd 2015

It was a very sunny day, some Fans stood in front of the J-Store Berlin and waited on Doukoku's arriving there. J-Store was Doukokus first Event before concert Event started at cube moa:beat. Some Fans seemed to be nervous, some seemed to be relaxed, but each Fan were just happy to being a part of their first European Tour "Doukoku Sekai". 


2:50 pm, Doukoku arrived and started their Event at 3:00 pm. While some Fans bought some Merchandise, Doukoku's first task was to make a puri session with their Fans (who got numbers for purikura after their request to J-Store) together. No words can't describe those atmosphere directly perfect. That atmosphere was more than just kind, it felt like you meet old friends and doing something crazy together. After the Puri-session the second task started with the sign-session. Ryusuke and Fumiya put their signs on a lot of posters, flyers, photo-sets etc. and both got a lot of gifts. 3rd task also followed outside, in front of the J-Store. CHEKI TIME! Fans were able to get some chekis or a normal picture by phone or camera with Doukoku together. Ryusuke and Fumiya, both were smiling a lot, it was easily to see their happiness upon their faces.


5:00 pm Doukoku, Triple A Unit and Staff went to the club cube moa:beat to practise before their concert started. 

The club was at a quite place, little hidden but easily to find. More Fans arrived in front of the club and couldn't wait for the indoor. Exact 7:30 pm Indoor started. Staff Member were very friendly people, no time pressure and this club gave a nice kick of relaxed atmosphere. At the Indoor Fans got an orange note with a number on it, those numbers were acting as some kind of prize tickets.

While the Indoor were active, the audience took seperate ways to their own chosen place and the first three rows of Fans were standing in front of the stage, some chosen a place to have a seat. 


8 pm, Triple A Unit opened Doukoku's Live-Show with a positive request to Doukoku's fans. "Do you know which Band will have their Live-Performance now?" asked Triple A Unit, Fans  answered with a softly sound voice: "DOUKOKU!". Triple A Unit once more again: "Sorry which Band?". Fans recomment it louder. After three times Doukoku came onto the stage and started their Live-Performance.

Doukoku performed their first Song  on Stage called "Meiyaku no kagi", the audience listened quitly to this song, some put their hands up as the Refrain began. Since this time this atmosphere got power until Doukoku performed "Asuka". Everyone sang along, it seemed "Asuka" was one of the favourite songs for each Fan. The atmosphere got more and more power, it was an amazed moment for Doukoku to see their Fans singing with them together. Ryusuke kept eye contact to his Fans while Fumiya played his guitar solos pretty often. One more Song followed "Amegoe" and again Fans sang along.  "Amegoe" means "Sound of Rain" and it reached every Fan, seemed this was Fans their 2nd favourite song of them. Their performance got a nice kick of pretty guitar solos and an awesome suitable voice. It  got a riveting atmosphere, it felt like magic, it seemed Doukoku their songs make everybody addicted. "Jinkou shoujyo" got a lot of Power inside, it made Fans rocking to the last Song. Fumiya and also Ryusuke were very thankful to their Fans who came to their Live Show, they made a bow and left the stage. Their Fans didn't wait a while to demand to an "ANKORE". 


Triple A Unit came on stage and announced one more time Doukoku's Ankore, but Doukoku exactly performed two times their Ankore as good as they could did. 


But this wasn't the last task for Doukoku, 15 minutes later Triple A Unit did a Live Interview with Doukoku. It was funny and Fans were laughing so many times, while Ryusuke and Fumiya answered and drunk their beer. It was joyful time, exactly 30 minutes, to know Doukoku much even better. After Doukoku's Interview they did again some Chekis and normal photos with their Fans together before giving their 2nd Sign-session. And awesome, perfect concert and Event came to an end, time did run so fast but Doukoku's Live were absolutely worth it for each other. Fans gave them more gifts and wished them good luck for the future, while some Fans did hug both guys and were wishing them a beautiful night.


We really got a new nice experience about atmosphere and about how to can't find the perfectly words to describe it. We also wish that Doukoku will come back as soon as possible. 

Thank you for reading our first Live Report-Review and we hope you did enjoyed it, even we couldn't find the best and pretty words for their Event's in Berlin, just one comment: To visit a Live Performance of Doukoku, you won't regret it, because it worth it so well. 


1: Meiyaku no kagi

2. Gyakutai no namida

3. Tasogaredoki

4. Shinen

5. Seishin shoujyo

6. Asuka

7. Amegoe

8. Hoshi no mabuta

9. Tsukiyo no tousousha

10. Onikakushi

11. Tensei no hitomi

12. Jinkou shoujyo


-Ankore 1-

13. Ai no sukima

-Ankore 2-

14. Jinkou shoujyo


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Ryusuke Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/doukoku_ryusuke

Fumiya Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/doukoku_fumiya


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