In « La Dame C » (LILLE)

Last G.L.A.M.S Mikaru’s european tour stopped again in North of France.

This time, the concert was in a new place “ La Dame C “ in the center of Lille.

We were first to arrive with my daughter Marine and our beloved friend Shuro.

We could talk with Râmen Shô’s team who managed the tour with help of Shota and Aurélie (HIGHFEEL), due to logistic problems.

We saw the Mikaru, Syu,Tetsuto and Yudai arrive to begin the soundchecks and prepare for the show.

As the show had to begin later than announced, VIP session has been moved after the concert.

Everyone was waiting for the guys to appear on the stage and when they finally did … the little room became more and more hot !!!

The band gave us energetic and sensual music and songs.

Mikaru, as always, enjoyed talking with us, asking how we felt, joking if we were not cold …

Syu was an energetic DJ and Tetsuto was often smiling at everyone very friendly …

Yudai seemed to be happy to be there and offered many powerful solos of guitar.

After an “encore”, the guys were still smiling during VIP session and sign session.

It was so hot in the room that the walls and the ground were completely wet … but everyone was happy to be there …

Thank you to Râmen Shô for this concert …

Thanks to the guys for the energy and love during this beautiful evening.

Setlist will coming soon....


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author: Sandy Pepin


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